We want to thank everyone who joined us at MuniWorld 2021, we appreciate each person that took the time to participate whether physically or online.

We welcomed over 8,000 guests, including guests from cities all over the world despite the challenges. We had guests join us virtually as part of an innovative format, which allowed them to attend remotely, and take part in our virtual interactive tours of the exhibition. This year, we also offered our guests innovation tours in both Acre and Jerusalem.

Muni Expo brought in over 130 exhibitors with various ideas and concepts to make our cities smarter and enhance the lives of our citizens. The conference introduced new ideas and possibilities to municipalities that will make for a smarter future. We dealt with making cities smarter and we came up with new ways to collaborate in these unprecedented times as well as dealing and evolving from current issues. 

New ideas were introduced to us as well as concepts that will continue to influence the municipal world. It enlightened us with possibilities and allowed us to make new decisions for our cities; which showed us what is possible today so we can start innovating for tomorrow.

Once again, thank you to our guests from around the world who arrived to Tel Aviv despite the struggles of traveling and to those who attended remotely.

We hope to see you again at MuniWorld 2022 here in Tel Aviv and in good health!

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